© 2015 Hannah Sung 
  • Illustrator
  • Storyboard Artist
  • Sketch Artist
  • Concept Artist
  • Designer
She was made in China. Just kidding. She is Seattle made,
then raised in Korea for 10 years due to her father running away from IRS. Then she came to CA when IRS was no longer interested in her father. She continued her ninja life style in the US by drawing people without getting caught.
(..Turn around..) Now as a freelancer based in Hollywood, she loves working on stories, whether that are commercials, movies, or TV shows. According to the motto of her beloved late father, she believes in hard work, and enjoying life as much as she can.  She likes to work as a team rather than running her tyranny at work. She is young, but confident, not afraid to fail, because failure will only make her stronger and grow further.  She is a pleaser when it comes to any of the projects. She likes to make sure her clients are happy with her work. She will only grow bigger. So, whatch out. Cheers.

Her Alternate Ego, Hannuh.